Tiberius was first seen playing in front of our house in Brooklyn on Saturday, wandered into our building the next day, and has been making himself quite at home ever since. He is 1-2 years old and in excellent health. He has tested negative for FIV, feline leukemia, and giardia and has been treated for parasites and fleas.

Tiberius is a beautiful silver tabby with a striped coat, a spotted belly, and white paws. This little guy is a world-class cuddler, kneader, and co-sleeper. He is playful, curious, very social, and talkative. He likes boxes, bags, climbing, chasing, and carrying his toys around in his mouth. We think he’s likely to be good with other cats.

He has not been neutered (yet); his new family must agree to have him neutered and keep him indoors. He hasn’t shown any inclination to go outside again, but we strongly recommend microchipping just in case.

Please reblog, retweet, and pass along to any friends who might want a cat. Let’s get this guy a perma-home before I get too attached to him!